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General Programming Language Essay - 550 Words

General Programming Language? (Essay Sample) Content: Is SQL a general programming language?Insert NameInsert InstitutionStructured query language first established by IBM can be rooted in programming languages that link with the database, or they may be related to work with the database (Moris, February 4, 2014). It is mainly made up of data manipulation language and data definition language. It majorly handles the insertion of data, querying the data, updating, deletion and schema creation. Further, it controls the means of accessing data. SQL is not a general purpose programming language. Thus, it works best when embedded or used as dynamic. It is difficult and complicated to use it alone. SQL cannot handle actions that are not declarative such as user interaction and report printing. In addition, SQL cannot send the results of a query to a user interface in the form of graphical (M A K Pan, 2009). Embedding SQL has benefits like reduction in the complexity through evading the cluttered nature of ODBC or function ca lls. However, it requires a preprocessor that is dedicated. The case that SQL does not accept all types of queries further justifies this argument.SQLs ability to express operations in the computing realm that are complex is inadequate. Further, it does not support capabilities like procedural programming. Thus, the use of statements of control that are necessary for developing programs is not recommended. Hence, incomplete. SQL is also a database manipulation language that is not procedural. The concluding phrase shows that it only contracts objects of the database that are made up of rows, columns and tables (Donahoo Speegle, 2005). It also includes the use of cursors. However, a general programming language will incorporate lists, variables, arrays and records.However, there are developments ongoing on making it an entirely general programming language. The result would be ability to control complex objects (Rinard, 2008). Thus, it would have capabilities to handle inheritance, data types defined by the user and queries that are recursive. Other capabilities will be to manage identifiers of ...

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Application Of Accounting Information Systems Essay

Introduction The application of Accounting Information Systems has become widespread among enterprises in Australia due to improved affordability and efficiency resulting from their technical power. The vendors have moved from desktop systems to cloud accounting, and it has led to a challenge of selection and implementation to customers and users. This paper offers a synthesis of literature on AIS in Australia, its history, development, and adoption, analysis of the current market size and how the leaders in the market have managed to carve out their competitive advantage. There are also gaps in the sector, in particular for customers. Hence the paper also provides recommendations. History At the beginning of computerization, accounting software was automated and mainly included modules such as accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable and the general ledger. McMickle (1989) provides that accountants were the only professionals who first used IT-related systems. Late in the 1970s, increase technical accounting issues led to the use of technical assistants who developed and maintained AIS for organizations resulting in the emergence of the system information sector within accounting. In the 1990s, resources-events-agents (REA) were initiated and with database technology advancement, new accounting models emerged (Walker and Denna, 1997). AIS could capture data which sometimes was not financial related accounting hence REA led to applications for detailed businessShow MoreRelatedThe Application Of Cloud Based On Accounting Information System1705 Words   |  7 Pages The application of cloud based in accounting information system Introduction In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as an important solution offering enterprises a potentially cost effective model to ease their computing needs and accomplish business objectives. This research report aims to make people understand cloud computing and the challenges and benefits in cloud use in accounting information system. For this purpose author gives an explanation of cloud accounting and have an exampleRead MoreRiordan Manufacturing: Information System Proposal1140 Words   |  5 PagesManufacturing: Information System ProposalThe service request sR-rm-004 to analyze the human resource system from John Korzeniowski was received on May 14, 2008. The IT team will examine the current information system and the possible design and development of an integrated, robust application in accordance with Riordans vision, mission, time-frame and strategic growth plan. AnalysisIn order to design and development an integrated state-of-the art human resources information system, the initial stepRead MoreResearch on the Influence of Informatization1698 Words   |  7 PagesINFLUENCE OF INFORMATIZATION 1 Research on The Influence of Informatization On The Accounting Theories and Practices and Real-time Control in China Yang Lu Fairleigh Dickinson University RESEARCH ON THE INFLUENCE OF INFORMATIZATION 2 Abstract The 21st century is an information age of rapid development and the computer is more and more widely used in every country. As a development countryRead MoreControls for Information Technology and Reporting Evaluation Essay1634 Words   |  7 PagesControls for Information Technology and Reporting Evaluation Week 6 Controls for Information Technology Risk is a necessary undertaking for any business. Success in business is determined by effectively managing the risk. Effective risk management helps to protect the company from losses because of poor accounting practices and fraud. Good controls also protect company management from the liability when they certify the financial statements issued in the annual report because they are alsoRead MoreApplication Of Ehr On Health Care Financing901 Words   |  4 Pages3.4 Application of EHR in Healthcare Financing The application of EHR in health care financing is an important area to discuss especially during this period of federal health care reform with the goals of maintaining some balance among access, costs, and quality of care. Based on cost-accounting applications in other industries, health care cost-accounting systems, adapted from cost-accounting applications in other industries, have been adopted widely1. In health care, accounting for costs is extremelyRead MoreAccounting Software Example1303 Words   |  6 PagesTable of Contents OBJECTIVES 3 BUSINESS INTRODUCTION 3 ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE 3 ADVANTAGES 4 COMMUNICATION 4 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 4 SALES MANAGEMENT 5 INVENTORY CONTROL (IC) 5 HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) 5 DISADVANATGES 5 ANALYSIS OF DATA 6 SUMMARY 6 Bibliography 7 OBJECTIVES In this assignment I will review the accounting software appropriate to the outlined hypothetical company. On the one hand, I will consider advantages and disadvantages of the software which are relevant to the properRead MoreNew Zealand Financial Accounting. Essay1522 Words   |  7 Pagesimportant measurement on the basis of financial reporting. It provides information about what an entity might realize if it sold an asset or might pay to transfer a liability. In recent years, the use of fair value as a measurement basis for financial reporting has been expanded. Determining fair value often requires a variety of assumptions as well as significant judgment. Thus, investors desire timely and transparent information about how fair value is measured, its impact on current financial statementsRead MoreCloud Computer Accounting Assignment : Cloud Computing1162 Words   |  5 PagesCLOUD COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING ASSIGNMENT 1. Describe cloud computing Cloud computing refers to the storing of computer data and applications over the internet rather than on home or office network. It allows the sharing of data-processing tasks, online access to computer services and resources and centralized data storage. Instead of installing applications locally on your personal computer, applications are stored on a remote â€Å"cloud† server that you access through your web browser. Rather thanRead MoreQuestions On Information System And Transaction Processing System Essay1143 Words   |  5 PagesTASK 1 1. Information system is a combination of hardware, software and telecommunication networks created by organizations or companies to collect, create, process and distribute data. This plays a significant role in a business or an organization to make things run smoothly and efficiently. Data and information are very essential part of the business so information system keep them in a managed system so that it’ll be easier to create, store the data and retrieve when needed in future. Components:Read MoreApplication Architecture and Process Design: - Essay1182 Words   |  5 PagesApplication architecture and Process Design:- Applications are designed according using a system development life cycle, which passes through several phases including requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. We describe the application design process by designing an information system for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc., an industry in the field of plastic injection moulding. The first step of design is to identify the processes and the entities. Processes represent

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Should We Live Forever - 913 Words

The question of whether or not I would like to live forever is a question that delivers many, many answers, meaning my answer to the question really depends on the day or my mood that day. Most days, my answer to the whether I would like to live for ever question is â€Å"no, I would not like to† Mainly because the whole idea of immortality sounds exhausting, boring and depressing, especially with such limitations, and downsides. This answer is provoked merely on the fact that I would become overly dependent on everything and everyone around me, and also due to the fact that although I have people around me constantly, however, I would still acquire a lonely feeling, due to the fact no one would be of my generation, therefore relating would be made difficult to attain. Living forever seems like a phenomena that some people may want, and would enjoy, once they figure out a loop hole, such as being able to determine what age you would forever relive, for an example, choosing to live life as a 20 year old for the rest of ones life. Living as a 20 year old forever does appear to have its perks if you really think about it because example one, you are young forever and example 2, you are in your prime, but from a psychological standpoint, at one point in life a person would realize Onye-ugo2 that maybe choosing to reincarnate, or live forever and ever as a 20 year old just may not be healthy to ones spirit, or especially their brain development. If you as a person are lingerShow MoreRelatedI Am I Die One Day905 Words   |  4 Pagesknow what it meant to die. Later on, I began to understand that when people died, it meant they were gone forever. It meant that I would never see them again, or meet them if they were already gone. It scared me to think that one day my family and I would die too. Eventually, I came to understand and accept that death and dying are a natural part of life and living. We are born, we live, we die, and life goes on. At the same time, it still does not make the death of a loved one any easier. In theRead MoreHow long do you want to live? It is not surprising that no one gave me the answer: 1000 years, or,900 Words   |  4 PagesHow long do you want to live? It is not surprising that no one gave me the answer: 1000 years, or, forever. Because we all know death is human faith.But today I want to tell you: Immortality can soon be reality.There’s no doubt that we’re living longer than previous generations. 100 years ago, the average human life span was 30 years. Today, we extend it to almost 70 years. So it is reasonable to ask: How much more can human life span increase?Over 4000 years ago, a Sumerian king seeks eternal lifeRead MoreOde On A Grecian Urn1738 Words   |  7 Pagesthe young man doesn’t have bliss because bliss would be catching the girl. The bliss part will only last a short period, and is not as powerful as the emotions right before the catch. Thus the young man should not be sad that he doesn’t have bliss because he will forever love her and she will forever be beautiful. In the human world love ends and people grow old. The scene on the urn will always show love, and the people will never grow old. Thus art has the ability to last; therefore the urn has anRead MoreEssay about Dont Be Afraid to Die in Socrates Phaedo741 Words   |  3 PagesThroughout the course of the Phaedo, Socrates argues that the soul is immortal. Because he believes that his soul w ill live on forever, Socrates claims that he is not afraid to die. Socrates was sentenced to death and due to the fact that he took the poison earlier than when was necessary, many believe that he committed suicide. Contrary to what may be presumed about Socrates’ death, I will argue that he is a martyr and did not commit suicide. Suicide is defined as taking one’s life for the sakeRead MoreRhetorical Analysis of Pharmaceutical Innovation: Can We Live Forever? a Commentary on Schnittker and Karandinos1013 Words   |  5 PagesRhetorical Analysis: Pharmaceutical Innovation In Joel Lexchin’s article â€Å"Pharmaceutical innovation: Can we live forever? A commentary on Schnittker and Karandinos† he addresses the article made by Schnittker and Karandinos about the progression of pharmaceuticals and whether or not we have advanced enough to significantly increase our life expectancy. Lexchin uses a plethora of rhetoric to persuade the reader into believing his argument, mostly relying upon logos, chiefly facts, to appeal toRead MoreArguement Against Shankara’s Ideas of Reality Essay859 Words   |  4 Pageswill argue with Shankara’s idea that something can only be real if it doesn’t change or never stops existing is incorrect, because temporary things are still real. After all nothing in this world ever lasts forever. Also if this world is not considered to be real then there is not a reason to live. Shankara states that â€Å"BRAHMAN- the absolute existence, knowledge and bliss is real. The universe is not real. Brahman and Atman (man’s inner Self) are one.† (Viveka-Chudamani, p.7) Shankara accepts thingsRead More Bao Ninhs Sorrow of War Essay1010 Words   |  5 PagesBao Ninhs Sorrow of War When we think of the Vietnam War, we think of all the hell and torture that American soldiers went through with little regard to the Vietnamese and the hardships they endured. Reading the Sorrow of War gave me a clear understanding of the Vietnamese people and the suffering that the war caused them. The Sorrow of War is unique and powerful in the sense that it is written by a Vietnam army veteran and gives the perspective of the war from a Vietnamese soldier. It is oneRead MoreDont Let Stereotypes Influence Your Lives!821 Words   |  3 Pages In that corner there, we have the nerds reading their books with their greasy hair and in that corner we have the preps with shoes more expensive than cars, but with brains the size of peanuts. The preps are cool. The nerds? Not so much. And let’s not forget about the cheerleaders, the Goth’s, the teacher’s pets and all the other losers. I’ve heard about them all my life and called them that too. I also see kids call other people that all the time, so it’s normal†¦ right? Honourable judges, teacherRead MoreComparison Of The Passionate Shepherd To His Love992 Words   |  4 Pagesthinks that love should be viewed completely through the joy of nature and believes in unrealistic activities. The other poet believes that love is unpredictable and that the other poet is not living in reality. Within the poem, â€Å"The Passionate Shepherd to his love†, he believes that you can buy love with natural things. He says â€Å"A gown made of the f inest wool, which from our pretty lambs we pull†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . He also fully believes that love should be experienced through nature. He says â€Å"Come live with me and be

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Critical Analysis Of William Blakes A Poison Tree

Anger, frustration, and hate are all emotions that build up the burning wrath inside of our bodies. The more we keep these emotions buried away and fail to communicate them to others, the more the wrath continues to grow until it eventually boils over and by this time it is too late. This concept is defined and illustrated in William Blake’s poem â€Å"A Poison Tree.† This poem directs the readers to the importance of communication and willingness to forgive. The moment the speaker refuses to communicate his or her anger is the point in which the cultivation of the wrath begins. By looking at the concealment of the wrath and the opposition between communication and concealment in addition to the structure developed by tension we see the†¦show more content†¦The anger with the friend never develops because the speaker communicates the anger to the friend and the problems are worked out. With the foe, the speaker does not communicate his or her anger and therefor e the wrath grows. What this opposition does is develop the question of Why are we so easy to forgive a friend that has done us wrong, but not an enemy that has done wrong? This question is never answered in the poem, but gives hints as to why our enemies stay enemies. Along with the first observation of opposition stems a second point of opposition between communication and concealment. In the poem this is the difference in halting the wrath versus growing the wrath. The communication half is only present for the first two lines of the poem, but the concealment runs much deeper because this is only the start for growth. It takes two lines for the communication aspect the develop, yet it takes the concealment the other fourteen lines to burst. This form of opposition compares the two different ways in which the anger was dealt with and contrasts the end results of each, one being a healthy relationship and the other being death. This poem is structured to developed like a metaphoric tree. This is a key element within the movement of the poem because the growth of the tree of wrath develops the movement within the poem. The first stanza develops the planting of the seed of wrath with the words â€Å"I told it not† (4). This lack of communication is the burial of the

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Analysis Of The Poem Unknown Citizen And The Short Story...

The Unexpected Truth The Poem Unknown Citizen and the short story The Lottery give examples how people can rebel and conform in different ways. The way these stories were written evokes a lot of emotions, from anger to confusion. In life there are two people in the world, ones who conform to every whim and those who will rebel to create a difference in their society or others. The Unknown Citizen, by W. H. Auden, is about a man who obeys the law and does what needs to done by a normal citizen. The author painted a picture of an old fashion man that conforms to the church and shows it in his community. The author said, â€Å"He was a saint, for in everything he did he served the Greater Community† (Auden 3229). He is portrayed as a humble hard working citizen. Many questions where asked if this man was free and if he was happy? He seems happy if he is part of the church because he does what God asks and what the bible talks about. This piece was very frustrating to read because of the fact that no one person can conform to every whim that society expects from him or her. The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson, is about a religious town that would stone their own citizens to praise their god. The plot of the story is to sacrifice a person so their society can benefit in the long run. After surrounding the city square many people argued about keeping the lottery. The author writes, â€Å"Some places have already quit the lotteries†¦nothing but trouble in that†¦ pack of young fools† (JacksonShow MoreRelatedLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesready to tackle the more difficult Exercises at the end of each chapter. ────1 Lets continue with our introduction to the principles of logical reasoning. (There are quite a few more principles to be uncovered.) For example, in the camping-trip story, you paid attention both to what Juanita said and to what Emilio said, and you wished there was a park ranger 1 The answer to the present Concept Check is (b), even though there is an error in the encyclopedia because King was really assassinatedRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesDo? 516 Culture’s Functions 516 †¢ Culture Creates Climate 516 †¢ Culture as a Liability 517 Creating and Sustaining Culture 519 How a Culture Begins 519 †¢ Keeping a Culture Alive 519 †¢ Summary: How Cultures Form 523 How Employees Learn Culture 523 Stories 523 †¢ Rituals 524 †¢ Material Symbols 524 †¢ Language 524 Creating an Ethical Organizational Culture 525 Creating a Positive Organizational Culture 527 Spirituality and Organizational Culture 529 What Is Spirituality? 529 †¢ Why Spirituality Now? 530

Essay about The Representation of the Female in William...

The Representation of the Female in William Blake If William Blake was, as Northrop Frye described him in his prominent book Fearful Symmetry, a mystic enraptured with incommunicable visions, standing apart, a lonely and isolated figure, out of touch with his own age and without influence on the following one (3), time has proved to be the visionarys most celebrated ally, making him one of the most frequently written about poets of the English language. William Blake has become, in a sense, an institution. Without Contraries is no progression. Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy, Love and Hate, are necessary to Human Existence, wrote Blake in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Perhaps his most famous line,†¦show more content†¦In his essay Blake: Sex, Society, and Ideology, David Aers follows Foxs thread that Blakes attitude toward the Female shifts, but explains that the case is far more complicated than a matter of authorial incoherence or change of mind (33). Aers offers a psychologically-based exploration of Blakes treatment of the Female and the conventional views of women in the society of which he was a part and concludes that Blake could not escape the popular male supremacist tradition. In opposition to this approach, Mary Lynn Johnson, in her essay Feminist Approaches to Teaching argues that in a century when no one . . . fully escaped the fourfold grip of father, priest, king, and God, Blake stands out as one of the few writers who understood the pervasiveness of this patriarchal power alignment and resisted its influence (58). Another critic who discusses the shift in Blakes treatment of the Female is Brenda Webster, whose article Blake, Women, and Sexuality considers Blakes shift in his treatment of the Female a result of his increasingly negative attitude toward sexuality (209). Webster explores Blakes fear of the Female Will, and how it affects his images of women. Dealing with the subject of the shift in the treatment of the Female, yet from a different angle, in his article William BlakesShow MoreRelatedThomas Paine And America A Prophecy2237 Words   |  9 PagesThomas Paine and America a Prophecy William Blake, poet of the Romantic Era, wrote in 1793 the prophetic story America a Prophecy. The story begins with Orc breaking the chains that held him down and sexually assaulting a young woman that has been taking care of him. The woman is revealed to represent America and that she has been waiting for Orc to help her. Soon Orc and other colonies under British rule attack the Prince of Albion and King George III. Alongside Orc are historical figures suchRead More Blakes The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Essay2511 Words   |  11 PagesBlakes The Marriage of Heaven and Hell      Ã‚   The Nature of my Work is Visionary or Imaginative; it is an Endeavor to Restore what the Ancients calld the Golden Age. -William Blake (Johnson/Grant,xxiv).    William Blake completed the manuscript of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, as well as the twenty-five accompanying engraved plates, in 1792. In the sense that the The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is a vision of a particular version of reality, it subscribes to one definition ofRead MoreThe Contemporary American Rendition Of Othello By William Shakespeare1191 Words   |  5 Pagesuniversal themes that make it similar, however, each text has been altered by the composers, William Shakespeare and Tim Blake Nelson, in order to make it germane and engaging for the audience of their times. In Othello, Shakespeare challenges the desires and perspectives put on ladies in the public arena. He endeavours to change the attitude of how men esteem their partners. Thus, making men comprehend their female counterparts. In Elizabethan culture, women were seen as docile and as property to menRead MoreThe Broad World Of American Theatre1691 Words   |  7 Pagestheatre in America can be traced back to the ancient rituals of Native Americans, who regarded mixed-gender individuals, known as â€Å"berdache,† as highly respectable citizens, worthy of undertaking theatrical roles in society. Afterwards, in 1896, Henry Blake Fuller published what is arguably the â€Å"first known U.S. play with same-sex desire at its core† (Jeffreys 2). At Saint Judas’s (1896) became America’s first written closet drama, centered on the passionate friendship between the two main characters:Read MoreModern Us Drama Midterm Paper2508 Words   |  11 Pagessecond wave of femin ism which flowed through the seventies was ebbing, as waves do, and the newly invigorated desire to achieve success sharpened the gender binary of American culture. Glengarry Glen Ross explores the harsh binary systems male vs. female and win vs. lose which are linked with the psychosexual binary of dominance vs. submission. To the salesmen at Mitch and Murray, identity is defined by dominance. To be a man is to win and to win is to be a man. When his temper flares to boilingRead MoreA Study Of Female Writers Of Romantic Period1959 Words   |  8 Pages A Study of female writers of romantic period Introduction: Various types of literature are found from the advent of English literature. Before the romantic period, there were various other periods like old English literature, middle English literature, English renaissance, neo-classical period etc. From the beginning we notice that there is an imbalance between the male and female authors. Male writers are found more than the female writers. This imbalance is also foundRead MoreParadaise Lost by John Milton Essay1299 Words   |  6 Pagestree. Adam finds out and is appalled at first, but then eats the fruit out of his love for Eve which is explained in the text, â€Å"With liberal hand: he be scrupl’d not to eat / Against his better knowledge, not deceiv’d / but fondly overcome with the Female charm,† (Book 9, Pg. 222, lines 997-999).This represents the fall of man, showing that God gave us free will to make our own choices. Adam and Eve see the world in a new way, but they are no longer innocent and they know it . They start blaming eachRead MoreOphelias Suicide Essay2487 Words   |  10 PagesBlake Nichol Dr. Susan Jones Composition II March 20, 2011 The Suicide of Ophelia Romanticized by modern females, downplayed by literary critics and somewhat overlooked by the general public, the character of Ophelia in â€Å"Hamlet, Prince of Denmark† offers the reader a tantalizing mystery - did Ophelia truly commit suicide? Bear in mind that in the deeply religious culture that was the basis for the inception of Hamlet, suicide was a mortal sin, bearing with it the consequence of eternal punishmentRead MoreWhat Does a Comparison of the Way the Characters and Their Relationship Are Presented in Act One, Scene One with the Way the Characters and Their Relationship Are Presented in Act Two, Scenes One to Three Reveal About3558 Words   |  15 Pagesplaywright Willy Russell and is one of his most famous plays to date. Since the play has many similarities to Russell’s life, it is viewed as a semi-autobiographical play containing certain similarities to his life; for example both he and Rita were female hairdressers and were under-educated at school. The play is written as a comedy and shows the change in character and personality of a young woman, Rita, through her education at an Open University and also her effect on her tutor Frank. Russell createsRead More Copula Variation Across Two Decades of Hip Hop Nation Language3142 Words   |  13 Pagesfeatures AAVE has in contrast with standard English and also examine further developments of AAVE through cultural movements such as Hip Hop. In one of the earlier studies done on language use in AAVE, John R Rickford, Arnetha Ball, Raina Jackson Blake, and Naomi Martin (1991), stated that AAVE is the only American dialect where is deletion is found. He had found occasional instances of are deletion in some European American dialects. Rickford also discussed copula variation playing a large role

Sociology for Social and Cultural Institutions- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theSociology for Social and Cultural Institutions. Answer: Eight major social and cultural institutions in Australian Society: The major cultural institutions in Australia include the Australian National Maritime Museum, Australian War memorial, museum of Australian democracy at Old Parliament House, the National Archives of Australia, National Library of Australia, National Gallery of Australia and many more. The major social institutions include eSafety women, the Housing support programs, Living Safe together, online gambling, Reducing Violence and many more which look after a plethora of issues. How does media impact societal functions in Australia: The societal functions in Australia are influenced by the media according to the age groups of the people. It is seen that the smaller age groups specially kids and teenagers are like sponges and absorb everything in the media very fast. The young adults also engage in activities which are influenced by the media. The influence is subliminal for those who are not constructive enough to form their own views. In certain cases there are instances of victimization as well (Barnett et al. 2014). Ways in which either aged care or education systems impact communities, families and individuals: The majority of the population is skewed towards an older distribution. This is responsible for negligence towards older population and it has led to the social policy problems for the governments. There is a pressure to support the aged members of the family financially on all the citizens. There is a large proportion of the aged care which is usually managed by the families. The impact of death on the people can be prevented. On the other hand, the care of dementia patients and other mental diseases impacts the family members and their mental health. Taking up these responsibilities also makes the individuals a better person. Discrimination against others on a number of attributes and possible inequality faced by the clients: There might be discrimination amongst individuals on the basis of race, inequality, measurement, mechanisms and other minorities. These issues of discrimination might cause the clients to feel demoralized and they might lose the interest of working or interacting with people. The most important issue is that related to race which should not be the concern of any individual. The people who are discriminated against feel low and inferior in comparison to others. Intent of Australias National Disability Scheme and proposed benefits: The NDIS provides support to people with disability, their families and their careers. It is jointly funded as well as governed by Australian and state and territory governments. It proposes to help people access mainstream services including health, housing and education, access community services like sports clubs and libraries and maintain informal support which includes families and friends (Thill 2015). Impact of long term unemployment on individuals and their families: Long term unemployment is considered to be a persistent and destructive social issue. It needs to be addressed because it has terrible impacts on both individuals as well as society. According to studies, the people who are unemployed for one year are very likely to be unemployed for an elongated period of time. The personal and financial issues are also severe including that of economic crisis, poverty, debt, homelessness, housing stress, family tensions and breakdown, alienation, shame and stigma, increased social isolation, crime, erosion of confidence and self esteem and finally ill health (Feather 2012). Challenges associated with adolescence and the possible impact of teenage behavior on their families: Adolescence is basically defined as the period between childhood and adulthood. It is that challenging period when a young person moves from dependency on their parents to independence, autonomy and maturity. There are biological, cognitive and also psychological challenges. It involves the puberty stage which leads to biological challenges. There are cognitive challenges involve issues of not being understood, psychological challenges are patterns of rules of change and that of individuation. The erratic behavior and indulgence in drugs and other additions leads to tension and huge worries in their families (Crone and Dahl 2012). Explain how retirees might interact with the community: After people reach old age, they experience loneliness, complacence which can be solved by actively interacting with the society so that their issues can be resolved. The retirees can be a part of retirement communities and a range of organized activities to minimize isolation. Those who reside in buildings with gyms can exercise on a regular basis. They can join health clubs as well as golf, tennis or racket ball clubs which provide them with a social network. There are learning groups and even groups indulging in common interests like gardening, discussing books, films and so on in which the retirees can be involved in (Barnett et al. 2014). Factors that might have an impact on Vietnam veterans: The Vietnam veterans served as armed forces in the Vietnam War. There have been instances of post traumatic stress disorder in the veterans who have survived the war due to the issues related to witnessing of traumatic experiences. There have been instances of health hazards, weakening mental and physical health and lack of a proper balance (Brooks et al. 2012). Characteristics and some of the ideals of baby boomers: Baby boomers refer to those individuals who were born between 1946 and 1964. These people have certain characteristics which are specifically noticeable in their age group. These people do not shirk from their responsibilities and are actually self assured and capable of fulfilling their particular roles in the society. These category of people are competitive and have high motivation to reach their pre-determined goals. These people are focused mentally on a particular topic or a subject and usually possess amazing attention spans. These people are also resourceful, team oriented with strong sense of community and are extremely disciplined. In certain cases the people are non conformist and independent (Fingerman et al. 2012). Generation Y cohort and their own micro-culture: The people who have been born from 1977 to 1995 are known as generation Y. The micro-culture refers to the particular subgroups which are marked with specific languages and expectations as well as different perceptions towards the society. The generation Y has developed several characteristics such as minimal accomplishments, competitive sports and possesses unrealistic expectations of working life. According to reports, these people require me time on the job, non-stop feedback and also career advice from the managers. In certain cases they are also civically as well as politically disengaged. Over the years the generation Y is responsible for having built their own micro culture (VanMeter et al. 2013). Five major social and cultural institutions in the Australian society and their functions: Religious institution: The Uniting Church in Australia is one of the most famous religious communities in Australia and over a million people identify with the church and it is basically a protestant church and its orientation is reformed and Methodist. Political institution: The Australian Labor party is a political organization in Australia. It has been in the opposition in the federal level from the time of the elections in 2013. The ideology of the organization is that of a social democracy (Lea and Nicoll 2013). Health institution: The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is a national asset and is one of the top health and welfare statistics agencies in Australia. Legal institution: One of the legal institutions in Australia is the Law Council of Australia. It is an association of all the law societies and bar associations in Australia. It helps in representing the legal profession at the national level. Media Institution: Australian Broadcasting Corporation is Australias national broadcaster. The funding of this organization is provided by the taxpayers of Australia. It is famous for several shows on television and also has numerous subsidiaries (Lea and Nicoll 2013). 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